Why Ceramic Cookware is the Best for You?

DuPont presented Teflon non-stick container decades back and was a noteworthy achievement in cookware. Firstly, the covering is not dangerous unless a void pot or dish is left on a hot burner. On the off chance,  it is permitted to get excessively hot, then it will radiate a lethal gas. Beneath that basic temperature, it is generally safe. Teflon is the DuPont exchange name for a PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) covering.  The completed item has imperceptible or about imperceptible levels of PFOA (Perfluorooctanoic Acid). The significant point of preference of conventional PTFE cookware is that it commonly endures seven times longer than common clay cookware, as per DuPont. In any case, I’ve found that there are some premium sorts of earthenware cookware that outlive the DuPont PTFE.

All non-stick cookware has a covering of aluminum as it is a good conductor of heat. If the non-stick covering gets scratched, the cookware must be tossed out since aluminum is harmful. Few producers append a steel plate to the aluminum cookware, for e.g., Eco Symmetry (see first delineation). Different makers use stainless steel for a base, a more lavish and superfluous arrangement. For more information on best ceramic cookware available in US market, we strongly recommend everyone to check out http://www.cookware-solutions.com/best-ceramic-cookware-reviews/. They do have comparison chart too where you compare the features of a good Ceramic Cookware.

Lately, a covering has been presented that displays artistic like qualities. These qualities incorporate additional hardness and warmth resistance. The extra hardness over PTFE makes the cookware surface less vulnerable to scratch, however more defenseless against chipping as the covering is more fragile. Like PTFE cookware, wooden or other non-metal utensils are suggested.

The disservice of fired cookware is that the sustenance is more inclined to stick to the container than customary PTFE coatings. Like PTFE cookware, there is an upper temperature limit for its utilization. For PTFE it is 400 °F (204 °C).

Ostensibly, the best artistic covering is the German Weilburger Greblon non-stick covering, and it has been endorsed by controlling powers. Said to be the best of the best, this covering is 10 times tougher than PTFE cookware, notwithstanding surpassing the strong artistic titanium coatings. When this covering is connected to a thick, weight cast aluminum base, you have about flawless cookware at a sensible cost. The handle is intended to be broiler confirmation, alongside the treated glass top. The clay like surface minimizes nourishment darkening, which is unfortunate in light of the fact that it creates AGEs (Advanced Glycation End items) – the reason for waterfalls and other well being issues. All health conscious people must consider these things before buying any cookware for your home.

Having The Good Fillet Knife For Your Kitchen

Fillet knife is suitable for cutting and filleting fish and even good for slaughtering deer for cooking purposes. We can use it in the kitchen and we can take it for camping purposes also. It is very light in weight so that anyone could handle it properly. It has the perfect amount of flexibility for all types of fishes. Wearing gloves while using it in the kitchen is completely advisable.

Following is an ideal way for filleting different fish like mackerel, sea bream, sea bass, trout, cod, john-dory, Pollock, salmon, mullet and sardines.


  1. Firstly put a scaled fish on the cutting board.
  2. Cut the fish with the tip of the fillet knife. Run the knife and open the stomach of the fish. Remove the parts which are not useful and rinse fish in extra cold running water.
  3. After rinsing, place the fish back to the cutting board and make cuts around the head of fish with the help of a fillet knife.
  4. Then smoothly run a fillet knife down the spine to a tail by sliding gently.
  5. Start removing fillets from the fish now.
  6. Turn the fish to the opposite side and repeat the process to get the second fillet.

So by following the above-mentioned steps carefully we can make perfect fillets.

Some of the best fillet knives by Rapala , Rada Cutlery, Victorinox, Wusthof Gourmet offer many specialized features that help in providing us maximum control and comfort while filleting and soft-grip textured handle of such high-quality fillet knives provides peak performance. Ice-tempered, high-carbon, stainless-steel blade provides maximum sharpness for wider break point. Even some of these offer rechargeable electric knives which provide advanced technical support. Visit the website if you want to know more on the best fillet knife for your kitchen and the benefits of that too or else check out Best Fish Fillet Knife reviews before cutting your next fish in your kitchen. But whichever way we go its important to understand that a good fillet knife is very must for every modern kitchen.

In your kitchen, it is extremely important to have the best fillet knife with all the features suitable for a cook. In other words, we can that knife should be ergonomically strong in order to carry out smooth filleting process. Handle of the knife must be strong, long and grip should be perfect. If we talk about these parameters, we can say that it varies from person to person. A guy with small hands might be uncomfortable to hold a long knife and vice versa. It is like sitting on a chair that is comfortable for one person and uncomfortable for the other. So before buying the best fillet knife of your choice you must be pretty certain about the ergonomic considerations. Try to hold it and feel the comfortability associated with it. If you are not sure, immediately change your option  and go for the one which best suits you and your kitchen.



Cooking Demonstrated

Low Fat, Delicious, And Satisfying: Barbecue Chicken Recipes

Whether baked, broiled, or grilled, barbecue chicken dishes are a delicious way to eat healthy.  Use a simple pre-made sauce or create your own for a signature taste, and you will create a tasty dish that is sure to leave no leftovers.  Quick, easy, and low in fat and cholesterol, this is a favorite across American because it is both healthy and delicious.

This easy dish is simple to make, and with the skin removed from the chicken, it is a low fat entree that your family will love.


Four tablespoons of water
Three tablespoons each, ketchup and brown sugar
Two tablespoons of vinegar
One tablespoon of lemon juice
Two tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce
One teaspoon each, of salt, dry mustard, and chili powder
Twelve skinless chicken thighs

Combine water, brown sugar, ketchup, vingar, Worcestershire sauce, and lemon juice over medium heat on your stove top.  Add the rest of the spices, and stir and simmer for fifteen minutes.

Arrange skinless thighs in an oblong or rectangular baking dish, and cover with the sauce from the stove. Cover and bake for fifteen minutes at 500 degrees.  Then turn the oven down to 300 degrees and bake for another hour.  Remove the lid or cover, spoon sauce back over thighs, and cook for another fifteen minutes.

Honey Barbecued Chicken Breasts

This grilled entree is a healthy delicious meal with a hint of sweetness.  For a twist, try it as a breaded chicken breast dish in the oven.

Six boneless chicken breasts, skin removed
Twelve tablespoons of barbecue sauce
Six tablespoons of honey
One-half teaspoon each, red pepper, pepper, garlic powder, and chives

For best results, boil chicken breasts in water for a few minutes before placing chicken on the grill.  This will ensure that the chicken is done clear through before the outside burns.

Place chicken breasts on the grill and spread barbecue sauce lavishly on each piece.  Sprinkle with spices.  Cook for four to five minutes on each side, until done clear through.

Barbeque Chicken Drumstick Dinner

Roast these tender, juicy drumsticks in the microwave, bathed in homemade barbecue sauce for a delicious family dinner that will tantalize the taste buds while taking care of the family’s health and hearts.

Two tablespoons of butter
Two-thirds cup of ketchup
One-third cup of brown sugar
Two teaspoons of lemon juice
One-eighth teaspoon each, nutmeg, allspice, and garlic powder
Eight chicken drumsticks

In a two-cup measuring cup, melt butter in the microwave.  Add all remaining ingredients, except the drumsticks, and stir thoroughly.  Place the drumsticks on a roasting pan; arrange so that the meatiest parts of the drumsticks face the outside of the pan.  Cover with one-third of the barbecue sauce over the chicken and cover with waxed paper.  Microwave for six minutes on high.  Turn chicken and spread another one-third of the sauce over the chicken drumsticks.  Cover and microwave for an additional five to six minutes, until done.  Pour the remaining sauce over the chicken and serve.